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Team Management Center 

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Participate in The Abelson Group’s™ unique and innovative Team Management Center.

No longer let the lessons learned in your team building session disappear after the session is complete.  Our innovative approach to team building helps keep the lessons alive and allows you to document and then use the information learned about your team in the session.  Here is how it works.

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Participate in a world-class team building experience that focuses on a project at hand or the team itself.  Our sessions are not of the “touchy-feely” variety, but are task oriented.

Complete Assessments

Participants complete appropriate assessments online before the session so they have more accurate information about individual and team behaviors, values, etc. during the program.       

Team Program

During this session participants learn about individual and team strengths, weaknesses, blind-spots, team culture, plus other valuable lessons.

Team Program Workshop

 A workshop occurs during the session where individuals
 document, for inclusion on the Team Management Center site, how 
 they prefer  to be motivated, managed, communicated with, their 
 work-related-passions, their values, and their motives, among other
 team related  issues.

Management Center
For each team The Abelson Group™ places on a secure part of our  web site:

  • The team's Behaviors Wheel, including all team member’s behavior placement
  • The team motives/values/work-related-passions Wheel, including their current placement on the Wheel
  • Descriptive information about each team member’s behaviors and values
  • A worksheet that describes how to motivate, manage, communicate and lead each staff person
  • Other materials the team leader and team members think appropriate to include on our secure website

Team Management Center

Team sites are kept current; The Abelson Group™ enters information about new team members and removes information about people no longer members of the team.  We contact you each month obtaining data on new entrants and those who leave. As part of our fee we work with new team members over the phone to complete the worksheet and other materials that are them included on the Team Management Center

Customize Your Team Management Center

Inform us of any other materials you would like included in your unique and secure Team Management Center site.  

This unique site gives the team leader and all team members valuable information useful to more effectively understand and manage the relationships among team members.  Team members receive passwords that allow them entrance and only current team members into their Team Management Centersite. 

Team Management Center™ log in

Click here to see a sample Team Management Center

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