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Profiling Your Team for Fun & ProFIT

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Management Staff Version and/or Sales Version
(Choose an emphasis of either or both approaches; management staff version focuses on relationships among them; the sales version focuses on how to use the concepts to sell to client)

Speech (30 to 120 minutes)

Engaging, uplifiting, insightful, fun, and energizing program that shows you how to benefit from our assessment tools. The longer the speech, the greater the benefits.
Guaranteed to get everyone smiling, thinking, enjoying and prepared to take action regarding managing the behaviors and motives of others. You choose from among the half-day concepts you want included in the speech.

Major programs Benefits- What Participants Leave with knowing...

  • The four basic behavior style characteristics 

  • The strengths and weaknesses of each ofhte four basic behavior styles 

  • The six/values/motives/work-related-passions of people

Half-Day Program (3 to 4 hours)

Program Overview:

The half-day program focuses on giving participants significant knowledge of the behavior styles and motivation styles of people they come in contact with. It allows them to start to more effectively interacting with others from a recruiter, manager, coach or sales perspective (you chose persective(s)).

Major Program Benefits - What Participants leave with knowing...

Have insight into better... 

    • Communicating with others 
    • Managing others 
    • Motivating others 
    • Understanding and managing your own and others behavior and motives 
    • Developing and improving yourself 

Learn how to use the assessment reports to better... 

    • Interview others 
    • Manage others 
    • Coach others 
    • Sell to others

Full-Day Program (7 to 8 hours)

Program Overview:

The full-day program includes and builds upon everything inthe half-day program, plus it inclydes 1) viewing and discussing videos describing how to use the assessment reports to interview, manage, coach or sell (which ever approaches you choose), 2) experiential use of assessment tools, 3) sharing of techniques that work when using assessment tools and 4) an action plan for ProFIT through use of assessment tools.

Major Program Benefits - What Participants Leave With Knowing...

Everything in the half-day program plus...

    • a deeper understanding and knowledge base to implement DISC
    • in the workplace techniques to integrate the concepts and assessment reports every day at work
    • experience using the reports through real life exercises and other techniques
    • confidence they can use program concepts to better recruit, manage, coach, or sell (depending on program focus) 
    • a plan for action to better use assessment tools in your organization and their life

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