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Maximizing Your Team For Fun and ProFIT

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Objectives and Benefits:

  • Learn the 10 secrets to capitalizing on the power of DISC (the behaviors or “what” we do).

  • Learn the 6 secrets to capitalizing on the Workplace Motivators (the work-related-passions/values/motives or the “why” we do what we do).

  • Learn the power of using the DISC and Workplace Motivators concepts to better interview, hire, communicate, motivate, manage, lead, coach and realign staff.

  • Have fun and be inspired to use what you learned EVERY DAY !

  • Build an exceedingly competent team by enhancing your understanding of strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots while actually doing something about them in the sessions.

  • See how the DISC and Workplace Motivators Wheels are powerful tools to help you understand, build, and excel as a team.

  • See how to use the internet to keep lessons learned alive and in constant practice.And much more in the all day seminar…

  • And much more...

Take Home From The Seminar…

  • A worksheet you develop during the seminar with comments and suggestions …

  • On how to better communicate with, get along with, motivate, and manage others in the team.

  • That shows you how to decrease team member stress and conflict.

  • On how to inspire team members to meet and then exceed their goals.

  • Tools to build a better team culture and environment.

  • Tools to increase team efficiency, effectiveness, and profit.


Insights on how to best …

  • Select future team members

  • Motivate and manage team members for enhanced success.

  • Build a team most capable of achieving your vision.

  • Wheels that graphically present, clearly point out, and show you how to best capitalize on team…
    - Competencies
    - Strengths
    - Weaknesses
    - Areas for needed improvement

  • A seminar booklet with helpful information, comments, and descriptors on DISC and Workplace Motivators

Who Should Attend

  • Everyone on your team, whether your team is an…
- Administrative team
- Sales team
- Leadership team

Seminar Specifics

  • Seminars are 4 to 8 hours in length. About half of the time is dedicated to your understanding concepts, while the other half is a workshop where you develop a worksheet you take with you that shows team members how to maximize your team’s potential.

  • All seminars are led by master trainer, developer, and assessment expert Dr. Michael Abelson.

  • Every team member spends 20 minutes online before the seminar completing an online DISC and Workplace Motivators report. These reports are distributed to team members the day of the seminar for their use during the seminar and to take with them to enhance their personal development and team performance.

  • For an extra fee, teams can have an additional 30-minute private team consultation with the seminar leader, Dr. Michael Abelson, the same day. Let The Abelson Group know if you desire to schedule a private consultation.

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