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The Charismatic Participatory
Benevolent Dictatorship™

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Program Overview

         •  Learn the 20 characteristics of Charismatic leaders and
            how to be more charismatic yourself

         •  Learn how to be a participatory benevolent dictator where
            staff can’t help but follow you.

Who Should Attend
          •  Managers who want to learn how to lead so 
             others willingly follow.

          •  Leaders who want to be respected and 
             admired more.

          •  Anyone who wants others to see them as a
             role model to be followed.

Program Takeaways (Participate Benefits)

          •  The 20 charismatic characteristics that increase others 
             desire to be like you and follow you.

          •  Ability to build a team that is motivated, inspired, and
             dedicated to meet all goals incuding your goals, their
             own personal goals, and the organization’s goals.

          •  Staff will feel more at ease participating and following your 
             directives and suggestions.

          •  Staff will understand how to perform in a more disciplined,
             dedicated, and loyal environment.

Length of Program

          •  2 to 8 hours

          •  Customized to meet your organization’s needs.